Hi. I'm Devin Pavao.

I'm a 26 year-old web and graphic designer, as well as a software developer on various platforms. It's nice to meet you!

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I design and build some pretty cool things.

Here's a few examples of what I do, all on my spare time

Software Development

Large scale, enterprise development, mobile and custom hardware Operating Systems. Full time software developer.


Founded a successful company to prevent and deter vehicle theft, as well as vehicle contents theft.
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Awesome work makes happy clients.

Check out some of the recent web design and management I'm in charge of!


Founded Overguard Secure Technologies, Inc.



A digital bookmark locker built at Hack The North.

Leamington Evangelical Mennonite Church


LEMC is a Church in Ontario, CA.

Eurotouch Construction


A restoration & construction company.

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